Shyogwe diocese is situated in the south Province of Rwanda and is part of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. Under the leadership of Bishop Jered Kalimba, the diocese has a strong focus on holistic mission. ‘Thy Kingdom come’ is the diocesan motto, reflecting our desire to be involved in ushering in God’s Kingdom. The diocese…


With pleasure, I warmly welcome you to the website of Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese. We are located in South Central Rwanda. The Diocese originated with the building of a school in 1946. The Cathedral which was completed in 1992 is dedicated to St. Peter College, and the bishop is Rt. Reverend Jéred KALIMBA….


Since June 2014, the Diocese of Shyogwe decided to reduce the number of seven archdeaconries to four. This has been done to strengthen the capacity of the archdeaconries. We believe that instead of having more archdeaconries that do not work as it should, it is better to have fewer but working well. Indeed, the Diocese…

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