On October 9, 2019; The Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese celebrated a very special event of closing:the 5th Diocesan Education week! This yearly celebration was held at Mpemba Primary school in Nyarugenge Archdeaconry, Ruhango District. The theme of this 5th education week is found in the book of Job 28:28 and says “The fear of the Lord –that is wisdom, and to shun evil is wisdom” 

Since the year 2015, Shyogwe Diocese has started running a yearly education week with a motive of mobilizing all diocesan schools about quality education and use of talents among the school children. During this week, the Diocesan education team visits the schools and addresses the parents, children and teachers about their roles in promoting quality education, Christian values and use of children’s talents. During the event, the department of education in Shyogwe Diocese offers rewards to the primary and secondary students who have performedexcellently in competitions such as poems, songs, drawn stories, theatre and the Bible Quiz. It was also a great opportunity to thank the best performing teachers.

The Rt.Rev. Dr. KALIMBA Jered, the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese, said in his remark that education is the key to fight against different forms of slavery. He also reminded the parents of their incomparable role in the education of their children. He gave an example of Moses getting an excellent early education by his mother.

The Mayor of Ruhango District, Mr. HABARUREMA Valens, was the guest of honour from the local government; he said that the entire Ruhangodistrict staff ispleased toworkwith the church to promote quality education and expressed his appreciation to the role of Shyogwe Diocese in educating the young Rwandans. 

Photo of the day during the event: Rt. Rev. KALIMBA Jered and Mayor Valens Habarurema of Ruhango District and other officials with rewarded students

He also said that it is helpful to join hands for the “Smart Ruhango Program” (Ruhangoikeye)” where all RuhangoDistrict inhabitants are encouraged to be smart and to minimize the number of childrendropping out of schools.

The Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese closedthe event by blessing the crowd and showing appreciationforthe collaboration between the local government and Shyogwe Diocese in various activities. He also extended his gratitude to the Army and Police Representatives for ensuring the security of the country.

Diocesan Director of Education /EAR SHYOGWE DIOCESE


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