Today on 13th of January 2022, through the youth department, the Anglican church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese celebrates the youth climate day in Shyogwe Parish/ Muhanga District where more than 150 youths planted more than one thousand five hundred trees. After planting trees, the youths were addressed about actions to be taken for environment and climate protection and shared some refreshment.

The Executive Secretary of Rural Development Interdiocesan Service (RDIS), Pastor Ntarindwa Viateur, explained to the youths the importance of protecting the environment and the worse consequences that await the entire planet if the environment and climate continue to go unprotected.

The Right Revd Dr. KALIMBA Jered, the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese, addressed the youths and said that we must care for all creation as we care for ourselves. <<Plants are sensitive like we are >> The Bishop added. He further explained that we should treat them with the knowledge that they are sensitive and that they need protection like we need it.

The head of education and youth department in EAR Shyogwe Diocese, Mr. Marcel SEBAHIRE, thanked the main speakers of the day, Diocese partners and the youths for making the day colorful and he urged these young people to go and put into practice what they learnt and to share the message with their colleagues.


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