Official launch at Groupe Scholaire Shyogwe

Today, Mr. Marcel SEBAHIRE, the Head of Education and Youth in the EAR Shyogwe Diocese, launches the 2021 Diocesan mock exams at Groupe Scholaire Shyogwe Church School in Muhanga District. After this official launch, the head of the education department will continue to G.S Saint Etienne School, also in Shyogwe.

These mock exams help 1,536 secondary school students who are completing the Ordinary Level (the first three years of secondary education) and 2,026 primary school leavers to effectively get prepared for the National examinations which will be taken in mid-July. Currently, Shyogwe Diocese runs 33 primary and secondary schools and one technical University College. One of the Pillars of Shyogwe Diocese is “education” and to keep this pillar strong, the Diocese is determined to do a great job to help its schools achieve quality in education. The Diocese also seeks to instil Christian values in its learners to help them have “a healthy soul in a healthy body”.

This year, the covid-19 pandemic has slowed down all activities from all angles and sectors. The students in Rwanda stayed locked down for nearly a year and this lockdown has hindered them from getting enough time to do their studies. The Diocesan educators put in an incomparable effort to help the learners catch up with their lessons and we believe that this mock exam will also provide further help to ensure that students are ready for the National examinations and give them a better chance of success.

A huge thank you to the Right. Revd. Dr. KALIMBA Jered, the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese for his visionary leadership to keep the Diocese thriving and especially to empower the education pillar as he is an educator by profession.

By Sebahire Marcel

4 Thoughts to “EAR Shyogwe Diocese Launches 2021 Diocesan mock exam”

  1. DUSHIMIMANA Jean Pierre

    Exams have an important role in the process of learning and in the whole educational institution.” Exams and tests are a great way to assess what the students have learned with regards to particular subjects. … Strengths and weaknesses can also be assessed through exams for the sake of students performance and excellence

    Congratulations Dear DEO,

    God Bless
    Jean Pierre DUSHIMIMANA

  2. DUSHIMIMANA Jean Pierre

    Congratulations to EAR Diocese of Shyogwe for organizing such exams to bring to a table of choices, students need to do examinations to identify their weaknesses and plan for best practices and ways that may enable them to work hard to succeed

    To my PoV, I really appreciate your endeavor , motivation and dedication in need of Quality Education improvement

    Examinations are good because they are the driving force for students to study hard. … Without examinations, most students will not really make an effort to study hard as there is no motivation for them to achieve success.

  3. Abel Niyigaba

    Well done dear Diocese officer of Education. This activity above shows your tangibly participation in increasing success rate in Education and forces all learners to learn serious to pass national examination. We kindly thank you dear officer, how this motivate both teachers and learners. May God strengthen you ever and aver.

  4. Emmy Sibomana

    Good practices ,and other follow the best practice from Anglican church of Rwanda Shyogwe Diocese . Education is the key

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