Today, on July 13, 2022, the Diocese of Shyogwe celebrated the education week closing ceremony under the theme: ‘’Go and transform’’. This theme reminds us that Jesus has called us to go and make change. Through evangelism, education and other fields of work, we can change society for a better present and future.

This ceremony was coloured by various activities and attended by more than one thousand and five hundred people including students, parents, teachers, pastors, headteachers and government leaders. The right Rev. Dr. Jered Kalimba who welcomed all participants said that education is about taking people from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge by teaching and educating them. The Bishop added that societies should be holistically transformed as Jesus is calling all of us to play a role in the transformation of both people’s hearts and lives.

During this event, pupils and students showed their talents and were all rewarded. More than 40 students from 33 diocese schools performed well in poem, singing, drawing and Bible Quiz. The outstanding teachers were also rewarded and their colleagues were urged to become the same. The student whose name is Theogene got the first grade at National level in all teacher training centres and was nicely and heavily rewarded for this great achievement in today’s event. The other four students were rewarded for having got the highest grades in diocesan tests 2022. The story of Innocent, the student who attended GS Nyqbinoni secondary day-school, made a challenge to all participants. This student from a financially disadvantaged family got the highest grade in all secondary day-schools in Muhanga district and he is now supported to study in boarding school of excellence and he was highly thanked and rewarded by the leaders who attended the ceremony.

Mrs. Kayitare Jacqueline, the Mayor of Muhanga town urged the parents to go back into their responsibilities and she further said that solidarity between teachers, parents and other stakeholders is irreplaceable if we are to cope with contemporary issues and to enhance competencies and quality education. The Mayor of the town reminded the participants that everyone needs to check if he or she is still in the calling and she added that there will be a day for everyone to be held accountable and asked to report to the one who sent him or her into the mission or calling. She concluded by expressing her gratitude for the partnership between the Anglican church Shyogwe Diocese and the district of Muhanga in education sector and other sectors.


Diocesan Director of Education

3 Thoughts to “Explore the great message inside the closing ceremony of diocesan education week 2022”

  1. Ntirushwa Emmanuel

    It was a great pleasure to be with us in Gikomero parish. This will motivate further initiatives and incentives by students in their studies! Ma reconnaissance à notre Evêque, aux membres de department de l’éducation au niveau diocésain, car votre effort fournira beaucoup dans le demaine de l’éducation normalisée! Emmanuel Ntirushwa.

  2. Isaac

    God bless our diocese
    Let be the first for us be blessed


    Thank you all for your comment

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