Today, on April 26, 2022, the Anglican church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese celebrated the achievement of 20 trainees who completed the training in fruits processing semi-industry unit of Shyogwe Diocese. The main objective of this training was to equip the youth with skills to make various types of fresh juice and Jam out of the fruits locally available like Pineapples, Passion, and papaya fruits. The training covered Juice and jam making, safety, healthcare and environment protection and entrepreneurship topics for a period of six months, and it generally aimed to empower young people through education and training, the latter equips the trainees with hands-on skills as the country has chosen the struggle to become a knowledge-based economy country.

It well aligns with the goal of the Diocese to empower youth for a bright future of the Church. It is in this regard that Shyogwe Diocese runs 33 schools (Primary, secondary and TVET) and the polytechnic college to meet the aforementioned goal. Most of the 6 diocesan TVET schools also work with this RTB /SDF program to equip trainees with skills in carpentry, culinary arts, tailoring, masonry and hairdressing to keep empowering generations. Emmanuel NSANZIMFURA, the Graduands’ representative extended a huge thank you to the government of Rwanda through Rwanda TVET Board/ Skills development fund (RTB/SDF) program and Shyogwe Diocese for the continuous commitment to equipping young Rwandans with skills needed on the labor market. The trainees were also coached about the Entrepreneurship so that they can use the acquired skills to grasp the opportunity to start their own Juice making unit. He further said that the Graduands are very committed to putting into practice the lessons and skills acquired to improve their own lives and their families.

Both the heads of education&Youth and development departments in EAR Shyogwe Diocese appreciated the hard work and active participation shown by the trainees and congratulated them for the achievement made. The administrator of Shyogwe Diocese and the district education officer (Muhanga) in charge of secondary and TVET schools also congratulated the Graduands and urged them to maximize the opportunity in making great use of the gained skills. The parents of the trainees who attended the graduation also expressed their sincere gratitude to both church and government of Rwanda for the support to get their children trained mainly in Juice making. The official from Muhanga District education unit, Diocese officials and parents took commitment to accompanying the trainees in the accomplishment of their future ambitions.

The Anglican Diocese of Shyogwe, therefore, thanks everyone who contributed in this great achievement and welcomes everyone who wishes to join the youth empowerment program through education, training and skills development. 


Head of Education and Youth department in EAR Shyogwe Diocese

Graduates with Parents

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