Health services

The diocese of Shyogwe has acorcern and commitment to improve  health situation of the community members. With regard to health services, the diocese is running health centres and always improving on their working conditions. In this line Gikomero health centre acquired a motorcycle offered by White Church of the Republic of Ireland to easy transport services that are essential for the unit.  Now Gikomero health centre is very thankful to the White Church. During the health campaigns i.e family planning, HIV and Aids etc., the motorcycle carries two staff members and they meet the communities in their respective localities. Such transportation is benefiting the health centre, time loose is almost over, the health centre provides fuel to the bike and the staff can reach their geographical area without spending time looking for someone who can help with transportation.

A part from campaigns, the bike is also being used whenever one of the staff wants to go the district hospital. Now the community health workers working closely with Gikomero heath centre are visited on monthly basis in their communities they work from.