Since its creation, Shyogwe Diocese has always considered education as an important pillar that makes strong the life of the church. Evangelism, health and holistic development are other main pillars on which the diocese is built.

Shyogwe Diocese owns a total number of 33 primary, secondary and TVET schools and 1 higher learning institution. From all those schools, we count a total number of 28,545 learners. The main objective of diocesan schools is to equip learners with skills, knowledge and Christian values so that they can enjoy A HOLY SOUL IN A HEALTHY BODY”. (from the Latin: Mens Sana in corpore Sano)

Since the arrival of the COVID-19 outbreak on March 14, 2020, Schools are closed and they will reopen in September depending on the situation with regard to the pandemic. The pupils and students are now at home and can review their lessons using e-learning and television & Radio programs put in place by the government of Rwanda to help pupils and student learn from homes, though quite a number of children can access the online and TV learning. Our prayers and support always go to those who can’t access online learning. The diocese, through its education department, urges the parents, pastors, head teachers, and teachers to assist the learners at home. Some schools prepare some quiz and other teaching works to share with parents who can use whatApp or simple phone messages to help their kids.

Shyogwe Diocese is always struggling to promote both quality education and Christian’s values in its schools. We always welcome help from others in the Diocese.


Diocesan Director of Education / EAR Shyogwe Diocese

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