CMSIShyogwe Diocese is one of CMSI’s two Global Partners in Rwanda, with a partnership that began in 2008.

Through the partnership with CMSI, the Church in Ireland has supported a range of projects in Shyogwe, in areas that include community development, agriculture, education and theological training. One recent initiative helped provide motorbikes for archdeacons to assist them in their evangelism and pastoral work across large, remote areas.

Through the two-way exchange of personnel, strong relationships are being developed between Ireland and Shyogwe and partnership links are growing. The latest CMSI team visit to Shyogwe took place in July 2015. Bishop Jered had this to say about the experience:

This visit taught us that we are blessed to benefit from our brethren-not only their prayers and financial support but also their stories, testimonies, talents and experiences that contribute to building the Kingdom of God in our Diocese. Our wishes are to be a blessing to our partners from Ireland…May the Lord continue to strengthen our partnership and bless both communities in Ireland and Rwanda.”

The current mission priorities of Shyogwe Diocese include: the Bible and Development school, saving and Credit program, Mbayaya Nursery School and Archdeacon’s motorcycle project.

Rev Joseph SEHORANA from Shyogwe Diocese

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