Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Valentine UWAMARIYA Rewarding Teacher Christine

Every year, the ministry of education organises the countrywide competition to select the teacher of the year. Shyogwe Diocese, being a partner in education, currently runs 33 primary and secondary schools and one higher learning institution. The effort and commitment that the Diocese has invested in education is incomparable and justified by success found in its schools, so having the most excellent teacher at National level is also the evidence proving how diocesan schools are leading. We thank God for enabling each one of us to play his or her role with an effort.

Groupe scholaire Nyarugenge, a school in Shyogwe Diocese, has produced the Number 1 Primary teacher in the entire country. Her name is UMUTESI CHRISTINE. She is only 22 years of age. She competed from the school level and continued to sector, District, and provincial levels until she won at the National level. She showed very distinguished teaching potential and strong commitment in her work.

Teacher Christine at her school

Christine came up with an online platform to assist her primary 4 pupils and others while schools were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How did it work? She prepared elementary science and technology lessons and created a link which she shared with parents and the pupils got the teaching and exercises from the parents. The developed online system helped the parents who got the lessons, and Christine would make sure by phone that the parents had given the work to the pupils. When the work was finished, the system marked the pupils’ work and then it provided the final answers or marking scheme to the pupils.

It is amazing! Teacher Christine is thoughtful. Not only did she provide online resources but she helped her pupils improve their lives by giving them rabbits to nurture. Free of charge, she has distributed 65 rabbits to pupils and the ambition is to keep supporting her pupils to fight malnutrition and get some school materials from the support she has offered to them. She’s also planning to give chickens to primary or grade 4 and 5 children so that, little by little, their lives may improve.

On October 5, 2020, the Minister of Education presented Christine UMUTESI with the special rewards for being the best Primary teacher of the year 2020. Christine was given a motorcycle, a tablet computer, cow and certificate as rewards.  The Diocese of Shyogwe, the protestant council of Rwanda, through its education department, and others are looking forward to rewarding Christine for the excellent work providing a brighter future to the young people of Rwanda by educating and supporting them

Rwanda Teachers association gave a Cow to Christine as a reward



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    We thank God for his blessings to our church especially in our Diocese of Shyogwe, may his name be Glorified!

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