UTSI (Unitė de Transformation Semi Industrielle) is a small enterprise processing different fruits into juices and jam with the brand name NEZERWA. NEZERWA products are made from all natural fruit juices and pulps. Our available products include: Nectars (Ready to be drunken), Squash (Concentrated syrups which need to be diluted with water) and Jams (Fruit spreads that can be used on bread in the morning for breakfast).

UTSI was established in 2006.  The main issues that it intended to resolve were the severe poverty and poor nutrition which were consistently observed in rural area. The production of pineapples by local farmer provides adequate nutrition and generates financial income and therefore helps in combating issues of poverty and poor nutrition. UTSI is there to ensure a fair market to pineapple producers. The overall mission of UTSI is to serve both rural farmers and the entire local community. Currently there are six associations of pineapple growers with 135 members,(37 men and 98 women) involved in UTSI initiatives.