Today on August 14, 2022, the Diocese of SHYOGWE celebrated the most colourful and blessed 30th anniversary of its inauguration, 25th anniversary of the consecration of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Jered Kalimba as the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese and the ordination of 20 deacons and 2 pastors.This Ceremoy took place at EAR Gitarama Parish(Zion hill) and more than 2700 people attended it.

This day was marked by praising and giving thanks to the Lord for the achievements made. The Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese, in his welcoming remarks, thanked everyone who attended the ceremony and extended a huge thank you to the special invitees and all Christians and pastors for the joint effort to keep the mission going over the period of 30 years of the inauguration of the Diocese. He added that the diocese started with 13 parishes and grew up to 38 parishes distributed in the four administrative Districts of Rwanda: Muhanga, Kamonyi, Ruhango and Nyanza districts.

Since its inauguration, the diocese has been built on the four pillars: Evangelism, education, healthcare and development. The Bishop said that to be successful in the ministry, the diocese focused on strengthening and building good and healthy families of the Christians, especially by supporting and empowering the women.

Madam Alice Kayitesi, the Governor of the Southern Province of Rwanda, thanked the Diocese for the partnership with the government and she added that the role of both government and church is to improve the lives of the citizens. He appreciated the great contribution of Anglican church, shyogwe Diocese in the development of the southern part of Rwanda.

The Most Rev Dr. Laurent Mbanda, the Archbishop of the Anglican church of Rwanda, said that the Anglican church has always been contributing to the development of the citizens the country through Education, healthcare and different development projects.

Happy 25 anniversary of your consecration as the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese.

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By Marcel Sebahire Mugisha

3 Thoughts to “What a colourful day!”

  1. Aimable

    It was wonderful and joyful.

  2. sebahire Marcel Mugisha

    Thank you ever so much dear Aimable.Bless you

  3. Robert

    C’était un moment magnifique, nous venions de la RDCongo et avons assisté à une journée merveilleuse couverte de la gloire de Dieu

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