Apr 1

The Right Reverend Dr Jered KALIMBA,Bishop of SHYOGWE DIOCESE,His family the large family of SHYOGWE DIOCESE(Anglican) and clergy wish all of you a Happ Easter 2015.



Mar 30

Fish Pond in Shyogwe Valley

Mar 28


Mbayaya pilot farm and training centre is a demonstration farm established by Shyogwe diocese(ANGLICAN) to train crop-farmers to grow enough food for an equilibrium diet at home and also to be able to sell something at the local market for schooling children,paying medical bills,and stimulating to the entrepreneurship spirit.

This demonstration farm hosts crop-farmers in seminars on crossbreeding,farm management,animal feeding,tillage,dairy production systems,farm safety awareness,composting,slurry store management,…
Mbayaya pilot farm aims to innovate ancient agricultural mentality of crop-farmers who normally are still using paleolithic methods in the country and set up a new method of growing variety of plants that fit with both the weather and soils of a region.For example:we encourage people in hot region to grow plants more resistant to droughts and that can also produce fodder for animals.
Whilst in wet areas,farmers are advised to grow plants that resist on erosion and protect the soil from flood.

Mbayaya pilot farm is operating in a tropical climate zone which is normally prosperous for insects,weeds and parasites.Farmers are regularly advised to use drugs for parasite control and for a demonstration farm,it’s a must to teach people the good way of drug dosing and pesticide spreading administration manners that aren’t harmful.

However,our pilot farm is a charity registered demonstration field that encourages crop-farmers to own at least a cow or a domestic animal in order to have access on manure which tremendously help to renew the soil biomass.The ultimate way of creating a society based on equal opportunities for the whole nation,fighting poverty and eradicate conflicts in the region.

The Diocese of SHYOGWE is so thankful to all donors who are partnering for the success of this mission,for their love,zeal,compassion and understanding towards the needy and the poor.

They are always in our remembrance.

Mar 20

The Diocese of Shyogwe (Anglican) has 34 parishes located in the Southern province of Rwanda (AFRICA) a peaceful area on the main tarmacadam road heading to Burundi to the south and to DR Congo to the west.

Shyogwe diocese is a charity registered that engages in evangelism, education, and social and health care for a holistic health of the whole community.

Many poor families, orphans, widows, crop farmers and other citizens who suffered through the genocide have been comforted by both the gospel of Jesus Christ and practical donations that have empowered the formerly hopeless people become a new society during these last 20 years.

The Diocese of Shyogwe is so thankful to its partners and friends for the authentic love, compassion, and devotion to release the poor and the needy from poverty or despair.

Jul 15

Fish ponds

The valley measuring 40 hectares which is owned by the Diocese in Shyogwe was a swampy area covered in rough scrub. In 1997, the swamp was drained. Channels were cut along each side of the valley, to take the run-off from the valley slopes, and a central drain running the length of the valley allowed the valley floor to dry out. The water in this central drain is used for irrigation.

These measures allow year round use of the land eliminating previous problems of drought and flood.

Fishponds have been dug out and stocked. This is to help address the lack of protein in the diet of most people.

Pisciculture is an important aspect of the work. There are fishponds in which animal waste is used to feed the fish. The ponds are populated with Tilapia, which are food for the larger Clarias. This enables families to eat non-vegetable protein more often than would otherwise be the case. Before the development of the fish farm, many families ate meat only once a year: at Christmas. The pond water is rich in micro- organisms for the fish to feed on as manure from the adjacent piggery enriches the water. The manure is placed behind a barrier of sticks in each pond. In 2002, the harvest was 170kgs of fish from 7 ponds. Continual training is required to maintain productivity of the ponds. There are now 9 fishponds.

Fish Pond in Shyogwe Valley

Jul 14

Youth at Risk: Project: Sewing Class


Youth at Risk: Project: Large plate

Jul 14

Girls learn tailoring and each has a Singer sewing machine to use. They learn to make various traditional crafts, pots and baskets, cards with banana leaf designs – most intricate, and embroidery, making table cloths and napkins. Training lasts two years and after that period the girls have access to the sewing machines for a further two years to allow them accrue some capital and enable them to then establish a tailoring business.

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