welcome to Hanika Archdeaconry!

Hanika Archdeaconry is one of the 4 archdeaconries that make EAR, Shyogwe Diocese. So far, this coordination body is made of 10 Parishes: Hanika, Nyamagana, Nyagisozi, Butansinda, Rubona, Tambwe, Kabuga, kirombozi, Sholi, and Gahombo. The total number of church members is 7915 according to the statistics dated July 2019.It has 7 schools: Gs Nyamagana; GS Gahombo; GS Nyarutovu; GS Hanika; EP Kabuga and Hanika Anglican Integrated (High Learning Institution). Hanika Archdeaconry has 1 Health Center and two Health Posts: Hanika Health center; Kibinja Health Post and Nyarurama Health Post. Its headquarters are situated in Hanika  Parish situated in Nyanza Town.

The Archdeacon is Venerable Joseph Sehorana.

Reverend Joseph SEHORANA has been appointed as the Archdeacon of Hanika on July 1st, 2019. Rev. Joseph SEHORANA succeeded Venerable Louis Pasteur KABAYIZA.

Announcing the appointment of Rev Joseph as new Archdeacon, The Right Reverend Dr. Jered KALIMBA, the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese has said:“I am delighted that Rev Joseph will be the next Archdeacon of Hanika . He is still young and I hope he will effectively use his gifts and skills in our new vision in evangelism for church growth and holistic transformation”.

Rev Joseph served in Rugobagoba and Gitarama Parishes, Shyogwe Archdeaconry and as Resources Manager and Legal Advisor in the Office of the Bishop, so he knows Shyogwe Diocese very well.

Before ordination, Joseph worked as Program Manager in the Ecumenical Center for Training and Documentation in Kigali for eight years. He is a creative person. He will bring vision, energy and thoughtfulness to his new post and the Bishop is very confident that his ministry will be a blessing to the parishes of Hanika Archdeaconry. Rev Joseph SEHORANA will also add value to the senior team in the diocese as Diocesan Chancellor. Rev Joseph holds a Master’s Degree of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree of Protestant Theology. He is married to Mrs. Clementine DUSHIMIMANA and God blessed them with two children.

Rev Joseph will be Collated and Installed (or admitted at a special Service) as the Archdeacon of Hanika  in the upcoming days. I

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