Gikomero Health Centre Gikomero nurse

This year 2015, the Gikomero health Centre acquired a motorcycle which funds were offered by White Church. The motorcycle is benefiting the health Centre in different way:

– Health campaigns are easily conducted as it used to be given that the motorcycle is very useful and helps to reach out remote areas in which the health centre would spent much money to rent a bike belonging to someone and get it late, so it is time and money saving;

– It helps in the displacement of some materials of health center from the district health region;

– It helps to visit community health workers in their respective communities;

–  Also it is being used helps in transportation of employees who carried out the filed visit on quarterly basis purposely for under 5years malnutrition tests. Roughly, the decrease of transportation funds is about 35%.  Time which would have been spent while waiting a motorcyclist from Gitarama Town to Gikomero health Centre is no longer spent, instead it is saved and staff can do more than they would do before.