VungaVUNGA VTC is located in Southern Province, Ruhango District, Mbuye Sector, Mwendo cell. It was founded to train youths at risk in vocational skills on Building and Carpentry, Electricity and Welding and Tailoring and Cooking. This Vocational Training Center, like other VTCs in the country, is following and implementing the training line of the ministry of Education through WDA’s new policy and TVET system. VUNGA VTC is one of the private Vocational Training Center, under the direct responsibility of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, SHYOGWE Diocese.
Since 2008, VUNGA VTC is receiving and training youths from ordinary level but also receiving other vulnerable young people or other individuals in need who didn’t completed their basic or primary schools. As mentioned above, VUNGA VTC offers training in three streams of combined vocations such as: Building and Carpentry, Electricity and Welding, and Tailoring and Cooking. The trainees received by VUNGA VTC consist of day students and boarding students; we have also the literacy teaching for vulnerable pre-attending the vocational trainings. VUNGA VTC has an established working place that allows trainees to study effectively and efficiently. Training period is of 2 years for those of day program with combined vocations and of 1 year for those in boarding program with a single vocation. Some are accommodated by the school, others are home returning students.