Yesterday on January 31, 2023, EAR Shyogwe Diocese distributed medical equipment and tailloring machines got from Christian Hope International (CHI) to support healthcare need at Gikomero Health Center and the Community based groups of people united to make crafts which making different clothes and do other activities.

Gikomero Health Centre received the following support:

a)BABY WARMER RADIANT IR200 (Known us Heat lamp) which will help the Health Centre to save lives of newborn babies when they are born with critical health issues before being transferred to Kabgayi District hospital.

b)21 waterproof Mattresses which will help Gikomero in Health Centre Maternity services and hospitalisation rooms

Two local community groups composed of teen mothers and vulnerable people received mechanical sewing machines, Electrical irons, Threads, Poplin Cloths and Cotton cloths. Those materials will help them to learn how to make clothes and to generate some income for their families.

Before Delivering all of those materials to Gikomero Health Centre, Diocesan representatives delivered a message of hope to the patients and other people who received the support. And in return,  the beneficiaries really appreciated the support that CHI donated to the Diocese to improve healthcare and to support those who are economically disadvantaged and a special thanks and appreciation go to Bishop of EAR Shyogwe Diocese, Dr. Jered Kalimba for his commitment to serving people in Need and communities.

Marcel Sebahire

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