TTCTTC MUHANGA is a government-aided school which is working under the government and Anglican Church of Rwanda. It was started on 2nd February 2010 by Muhanga district together with Shyogwe Diocese which provides land and some buildings for the school and district has got financial support through ZOE Ministry and this helped in giving different buildings. It is based in Mubuga cell, Shyogwe Sector and it is on 4km from the main road, 8km from Muhanga District’ office. The College has 625 students, 400 girls and 225 boys, who are in four departments (Teaching Modern Languages, Teaching Science and Mathematics, Teaching Social Sciences and Early Childhood Education), taught by 17 teachers and 5 supporting administrative staff. The students apply different subjects in their own departments such as Psychology, General Methodology, English, Swahili, French, Entrepreneurship, Fine Art, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Music, among others. The main methodology uses tutors to teach students as Learner Centered Method since all of them were trained on it. The school’s motto is “Knowledge, Success and Unity”.

The college has a computer lab, by which students are given first skills to help them in their daily life, it has also a small library that contains some novels, science books, social sciences and general knowledge books. We have also a Teacher Resource Room where students are applied how to make teaching aids through local materials, 12 classrooms, office for 5 supporting staff, 1 dining hall, 2 dormitories for girls, 1 dormitory for boys and 1 kitchen. It has also different gardens of vegetables and fruits.


MUKABATESI JEANNED’ARC   Phone: +250788598705