uem 2United Evangelical Mission has its roots in the work of the Rhenish Mission (since 1828), the Bethel Mission (since 1886), and the Zaire Mission. It has been a modern, international communion of churches since 1996, sharing equally among all member churches. UEM headquarters are in Wuppertal, and there are regional offices in Africa (Dar es Salaam) and Asia (Medan).

From the beginning, it has pursued a holistic sense of mission. Spreading the Good News of the Gospel extends to improving people’s educational, social, and medical conditions and to striving for justice, peace, and the integrity of Creation.

uem Members of UEM wish to cooperate equally, whether between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres or the Southern and Southern Hemispheres, in order for both sides to strengthen their programs, to share responsibility and experiences with each other, and to help people in need and in areas of violent conflict. In this way UEM can bear witness to the Word of Reconciliation in Jesus Christ.

Members of UEM support each other through personnel exchanges and financial aid. Special focus is put on diaconia, HIV and AIDS, work for the rights of women and children, scholarships, development cooperation, intercultural meetings, and project support.

UEM Africa division, together with the regional office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, coordinates cooperation between UEM member churches in the African region. The Africa division maintains contact with the churches in the region as well as with Christian councils, other church organizations, and local cooperation partners, and organizes joint African programs.

In Shyogwe diocese, UM supported many projects: Youth at Risk Project, many students have been able to pursue their education because of UEM scholarship and they are now helping the church in different domains.