Today on August 30, 2022, the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese attended the closing event of the youth campaign which lasted for one month. The aim of this campaign is fighting drug abuse, teenage pregnancy and human trafficking through the teachings and football competition. Today’s event took place at Groupe scholaire shyogwe secondary school in Muhanga district and it was characterised by the final football matches for both boys and girls. More than 500 youths from Kamonyi, Muhanga, Ruhango and Nyanza districts attended the closure of the campaign.

The Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese, the Mayor of Muhanga District, the staff from both Police and Rwanda Investigation bureau (RIB) from Muhanga district addressed the young boys and girls on the prevention of the three aforementioned issues. The Bishop Dr. Kalimba Jered revealed that the secret of life is to receive Jesus Christ as the lord and savior in order to have a transformed life. The Bishop used the Bible verse which says<< Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come>> as it is written in 2Corinthians 5: 17 NIV to explain the secret of receiving Jesus Christ.

The Mayor of Muhanga district, Madam Jacqueline Kayitare, urged the young people to make good choices for their present and future lives. She helped them to be aware of the consequences of drug abuse, teenage pregnancies and human trafficking and she further said that none has got any profit from taking part in these crimes.

The staff from Police and RIB underlined that drug abuse and human trafficking are the crimes that destroy the young people of any country. They presented the cases of the crimes committed in Muhanga district and urged the young people to never commit the same in order to have good lives for the development of themselves and the Nation.

Before the speeches, there was a final match between the girls from Shyogwe and Gitarama Archdeaconries and the champion was the team of Shyogwe Archdeaconry with 4-0 goals. Thereafter, the final match for boys took place and Nyarugenge archdeaconry won the competition with 2-1 goals.

The youths testified that they greatly benefited from this one month campaign as more than 5000 youths got teachings from different playgrounds before the day of closing the campaign. They added that they now clearly understand the right path to take for their bright future.

By Marcel Sebahire

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