Following the meeting of the Synod of EAR, Shyogwe Diocese held in Shyogwe on the tenth of August Two Thousand and Nineteen, after discussion and consent, members of diocesan Synod came to the following resolutions:

  1. The Synod adopted new Statutes following the new law governing faith-based organization as stated by R.G.B
  2. The Synod resolve that the Rt. Rev. Dr. Kalimba Jered continue to be the legal representative of Shyogwe Diocese, Rev. Prosper was elected as the First Deputy Legal Representative while Mr. Vedaste Ntanteteri was elected to be the Second Legal Representative of Shyogwe Diocese.
  3. The Synod appointed Venerable Joseph Sehorana (LL.M) as Diocesan Chancellor.
  4. The Synod also elected the following Committees:

The diocesan Executive Committee:

  • The Diocesan Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jered Kalimba
  • The Archdeacons:
  • Archdeacon Joseph Iyakaremye
  • Archdeacon Edward Nyituriki
  • Archdeacon Jean Pierre Methode Rukundo
  • Archdeacon Joseph Sehorana.
  • Diocesan Administrator: Mrs. Eugenie Kagwera

Financial Audit Committee

  • Archdeacon Joseph Iyakaremye
  • Archdeacon Jean Pierre Methode Rukundo
  • Mrs. Yvonne Mutakwasuku
  • Mrs. Emilienne Akimpaye
  • Mr. William Twagirumukiza

Conflict management Committee:

  • Archdeacon Edward Nyituriki
  • Mr. Marcel Sebahire
  • Rev. Claudine Mukawera
  • Mrs. Jeanne d’Arc Mukabatesi
  • Archdeacon Joseph Sehorana.

Conflict Investigation Committee:

  • Rev. Louis Pasteur Kabayiza
  • Rev. Marc Singirankabo
  • Rev. Alfred Habumugisha
  • Mrs. Julie Nyiramwiza
  • Mrs. Solange Mukamusoni
Members of 2019 Synod
Members of the Audit Committee
Bishop Jered and Deputy Legal Representatives

The Synod resolved that the four existing archdeaconries be divided into districts as follows:

  • Nyarugenge Archdeaconry is divided into Nyarugenge and Kiyonza Districts
  • Hanika Archdeaconry is divided into Hanika and Nyamagana Districts
  • Ndiza Archdeaconry is divided into Nyabinoni and Murehe Districts
  • Shyogwe Archdeaconry is divided into Shyogwe, Gitarama and Gasharu Districts.


  1. Semnathan

    Uwiteka azabashishe abatowe kutuyobora neza! No kurushaho kutwegereza Imana nkinshingano nyamukuru! Nibyo tubasabira

  2. Olivier

    Imana irusheho kubana n’abayobozi bahamagariwe inshingano nziza kandi itoroshye yo kwamamaza ubutumwa bwiza bwa Kristo muri Diyoseze yacu ya Shyogwe. Amahirwe masa!


    Thank you Olivier

  4. Buntu livingstone

    May the Almighty God continue to strengthen his church servants in their calling and to fullfill their responsibilities in Jesus name amen?

    But I wonder will the church at Zion Holy hill be new cathedral of Shyogwe diocese if bishopric resident has moved from Shyogwe to Cyakabiri?

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