Ready to be confirmed

Today on July 2, 2022, the Right Revd Dr. Jered Kalimba confirmed students from the four church secondary schools of Shyogwe Diocese; namely: TTC Muhanga, GS Shyogwe, Saint Peter. College of Shyogwe and GS Saint Etienne . The confirmation service took place in Saint Peter Cathedral of the Diocese and it was an occasion for other parishioners to join the rite of confirmation where 72 people were confirmed.

In his remarks, the Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese, reminded the congregation of around 800 people that being confirmed means becoming ready and mature to serve the church in its various duties. He continued and prayed for the confirmed to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that they can be able to do the will of God in the ministry.

Taking reference from the book of Exodus Chapter 3, the Bishop talked about the story of Moses and how the Lord chose and used him to take God’s people out of the slavery in Egypt. He further said that even now people of God are still enslaved in the new forms of the bondage. He went on saying that extreme poverty, drug addiction, unceased wars, and pandemics are some of the forms from which people of God should be free. Young people from schools and all congregants were urged to be watchful to overcome the wickedness of the evil.


The Bishop expressed and wished a great heritage of ‘true richness and salvation’ to students and parishioners. He further added that education and the fear of the Lord are the two master keys to make any transformation and to take people out of any kind of bondage. The head of education and youth department in the Diocese, Marcel Sebahire, said that the department and the church at large will continue to come up with new strategies and programs to teach students the word of God and make sure that education quality and competencies are promoted.

A huge thank you to the Venerable Mathias Nzakamarwaniki and the four school heads for an amazing preparation of this great event. Special thanks to the Bishop for his zeal and sacrifice for the advancement of the ministry.

By Marcel Sebahire

Head of Education and Youth Department

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