Maendeleo VisitorsFour people from EPR and Anglican Church, Shyogwe and Kigeme Diocese visited Maendeleo Bank (Tanzania) from 15-21/11/2015. These Visiting persons were:  Rev. Emmanuel MUHOZI; Rev. Joseph SEHORANA; Mr. Jerome SIBORUREMA and Mr. James MUSHIMIYIMANA.

well organised by UEM, our respective churches and Maendeleo Bank plc. In a balanced programme of altogether 7 days (including hours of flight going and returning back to Rwanda) we shared experiences with different persons from the Maendeleo Bank (senior managers, employees, clients, shareholders, formation committee); from other church related projects (ECD Investment Trust, MLUC SACCOs, Schools); from the Church Headquarters and from parishes.

The objective of our tour was to see how Maendeleo Bank is working so that EPR and Anglican Church could create a similar common bank. To attain the objectives of our study tour, we hold discussions with individuals and groups about the work of the Bank and how it contributed to people’s lives. We got a general appreciation of what Maendeleo Bank mission is and information on what has been achieved through annual report and other documentation produced by the Bank.

Maendeleo BankWe were impressed by the work of Maendeleo Bank.  We noted that the work is carried out to high standards.  Those who contribute to the work of Maendeleo Bank are skilled and have the expertise to ensure high quality standards.

There is sincerity in the manner in which those we met spoke of their appreciation and gratitude for the manner in which Maendeleo Bank continues to equip them to carry out their mission.  We observed and heard that cordial relations exist between staff of the bank and the clients at all levels.  Those we met told us that they would not hesitate to encourage other people to work with Maendeleo Bank.

We would like to highlight that it is so encouraging seeing our two churches (EAR and EPR) partnering in the Gospel and development. The creation of a common bank will be an opportunity to witness to the world that we are one in Jesus despite our differences. We thank our leaders for this noble idea, may God bless them abundantly.


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