Today, January 13, 2019, the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Shyogwe Diocese ordained Mr. Gad DUKUZUMUREMYI as a Deacon. The ceremony took place in Ngaru Parish-Ndiza Archdeaconry, where Deacon Gad carries out his Pastoral Internship. The ordination ceremony was enhanced by the Presence of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Jered Kalimba, Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese, Archdeacons, Pastors, Anglican Church Fellows and other Christians from all over the diocese.

Rev Prosper Karasira who preached the Word of God centered his preaching on Exodus Chapter 4 and Exodus 12: 38. The central message was to urge Christians and Church leaders to never give up their calling despite the challenges they face, because God always promises to be with them. When God calls someone for a special mission, He is always ready to accomplish special acts and to protect him as He did for Moses. Furthermore, God calls according His own will. But there are some people who pretend to be called by God but who have never been called. When Israelites were traveling from Egypt to the Promised Land, many nations went with them. In the same way, Christians are always mixed with stranger nations. Church Leaders are called to be with all these mixed people. For this reason they are urged to ask God to guide them as there will be some people who will be against their service. Yes, there are also some church leaders who have never received the calling from God and who are always source of conflicts among churches. But God is always there to protect his real servants and to promote his mission. What helps God’s servants is to meet with him personally. When you meet with God as his servant he gives you tools to carry out his mission. In his speech, the Rt. Rev Bishop Jered Kalimba appreciated the good work accomplished by Christians of Ngaru Parish together with Deacon Gad and Retired Pastor Nicodeme SEBUKANGAGA. He urged Christian to continue to support their leaders and to accomplish more activities to promote God’s mission in their Archdeaconry. Here are other important photos
Deacon Gad with his wife
Dr Jered Kalimba


  1. Isaac Muvunyi

    You are right Rev. Prosper, there some preachers that we can say they didn’t receive the calling from God. They preach their own words according to their wishes instead.
    But God did the good job and he is there with Mr. Gad
    Mr. Gad really deserved it.

  2. Providence USHIZIMPUMU

    My name is Providence USHIZIMPUMU. I’m feeling happy to look for Mr. DUKUZUMUREMYI Gad as a Pastor at EAR Ngaru Parish. God be with him everytime and I hope that you are one of ambassadors of Christ around the world!! Go be great with God!!! Me I live Rusumo border now. Thx

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