Eugenie 3Today 11th, March, 2016, Mrs. Eugenie KAGWERA, the Administrator of the Diocese was given a warm send-off on her departure to Indonesia. After putting in almost 7 years of service, she will be truly missed by our employees and members of her family.

Today after morning devotion, the Rt. Rev Dr. Jered KALIMBA, Bishop of Shyogwe Diocese presented a Memento to her and lauded her for her selfless service and immense contribution towards the Church. He wished her and her family good health and happiness in the years to come while serving the Lord in Indonesia.

Eugenie 1 Eugenie 2Mrs. Eugenie and her family go to Indonesia throughout the UEM South-South partnership Programme which is a channel through which the United Evangelical Mission reaches out to people in order to empower them for a fruitful life in the more and more globalizing, changing and multicultural world. The South-South programme is conducted in order to foster exposure, intercultural learning and various ecumenical experiences between churches of Africa and Asia. They have so much in common and it is just timely for them to share their assets and experiences in order to enrich one another.

By Sehorana Joseph

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