Hand-washing tools developed by the Diocese to help people contain the corona-virus

The first infection case of COVID -19 was known in Rwanda on March 14, 2020. Two days later, Schools and places of worship were closed in order to contain the spread of the pandemic.  Rwanda, like other Nations, has made a tremendous effort to fight against the corona-virus and strong measures were taken so as to stop the virus from spreading. It is in this regard that the government of Rwanda has declared a National lock-down since March 21, 2020. The lock-down has successfully helped the country to control the spread of the virus; however it caused severe effect to the economy of the country and lives of the inhabitants. A number of people have no job and they keep going hungry.

So far, the ministry of health reports 2 deaths and 636 total cases, including 24 new cases in 24 hours, 338 recovered, 296 active cases and 96,801 total tests.  This report was released on June 16, 2020.  Currently, restrictions are eased, though the virus is counter-attacking.  We are now experiencing higher infection cases than before the easing of some restrictions. Two districts out of thirty are now in lock-down due to current high number of infections.  

Having seen how people, including Shyogwe Diocese members, are going hungry; The Diocese did not stand still, it joined the battle to alleviate the hardship conditions suffered by people. The Diocese supports the most suffered people with various kind of food, hygienic materials, and hand-washing tools. The diocese also played an important role in consoling the helpless people by sharing the Faithful Word of God via online system.

By Mr. Marcel SEBAHIRE

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